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Lake Nakuru National Park

The big catch in this destination is the fascinating army of flamingos gathering in the lake forming a pink layer on the surface. From Nairobi, the distance to the lake, which is in Rift Valley, is about 166 km taking 2-3 hours on the road. Lake Nakuru National Park was established around Lake Nakuru, and is popular for the thousands, even millions of flamingos which frequent the lake’s shores. Plenty of algae draws the flamingos to the lake, as well as other birds which flourish too in the area, not to mention warthogs, baboons plus other animals which you can’t miss.

The surface of the lake occupies just a third of the entire Lake Nakuru National Park. Popular activities you can participate in as a tourist to this park is hiking, bird watching, picnic and game drives. There are several viewpoints in the park, the best vantage point being from Baboon Cliff. The other lookouts are Lion Hill, and Out of Africa, where you can have a fantastic view of the surrounding. There are some hills visible in the park: Enasoit, Honeymoon and Lion hill ridge. Another spectacular site for tourists to feast their eyes on is a waterfall called Makalia Waterfall. Wildlife predominant in this location that you can’t miss include Rothschild’s giraffe, waterbuck, cheetah, leopard, lion, African fish eagle. Goliath heron, hamerkop, kingfisher, zebra, buffalo and many more.

Neighboring Lake Nakuru are other spectacular lakes as well: Lake Bogoria and Lake Naivasha which undoubtedly have numerous attractions too. Flamingos at times migrate to the close by Lake Bogoria during the years when rainfall is especially heavy, which disrupts their feeding. For an unforgettable experience, carry a good DSLR camera with you when you visit this unique park!

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